Tokyo Trip Day 0: A Summary of Places to See and Things to Do

Time is ticking and in exactly a week, we’ll fly off to the world’s most advance metropolis. With only 6 days, a few thousand bucks in our pockets, and a hundred things to see and do in Tokyo, planning an itinerary is much harder than we thought. So the OC in me stood up and took the initiative of making plans while humming the tune of Britney’s “Oops I did it again”. You se...
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Going Mainstream in Hong Kong

While I wanted us to sleep, eat, and walk like locals and steer clear of tourist traps as much as we could, it would’ve been a shame to skip The Peak and Disneyland especially for first-timers like us. The Peak is a must for every tourist. Aside from the spectacular view from up there, it’s a place that says a lot about Hong Kong. As for Disneyland, well, you just can’t go wron...
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Discovering Hong Kong, Two Ways: Mainstream and Off-the-beaten Paths

Ever since Mccoy and I started travelling as a couple in 2010, we’ve always thought what great stuff it would be if we could do out-of-the-country trips once in a while. After three years, a few road trips and some domestic flights, we finally had a chance to go on international trips together, the first of which is Hong Kong. We thought because it’s short-haul, easy to explore...
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Trip to Hong Kong: The DIY Challenge

With no intention whatsoever to rely on services of a travel agency or getting a tour package, Mccoy, my parents, and I booked our flights and with little over a month prior to our departure, we began creating our itinerary. We thought it was that simple. Little did we know, prep stage would be a bit of a challenge. First of all, getting a hotel in a land-scarce nation like ...
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DIY Singapore Day 4: Sentosa!

On the fourth and technically our last day of tour (we departed early morning the following day), we chose to spend our entire time in Sentosa. Since one whole day will never be enough to experience all the attractions here, we picked Universal Studios first. I had already bought tickets online through its website early on. It was actually a good thing as the queues at the o...
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DIY Singapore Day 3: Fauna and Flora

Since we didn’t have the luxury of time to see all four wildlife reserves, we decided to go for Singapore Zoo and River Safari and ditch Jurong Bird Park and Night Safari mainly because of three reasons: 1.) white tiger, 2.) polar bear, and 3.) panda! Yes, we’re that shallow. Haha! Though these four attractions are far from city centre, getting there was a breeze. Located at...
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Tokyo Countdown!

Every traveller has a dream destination and ours is without a doubt, Tokyo. We are less than a month away from this vacation so we are really getting super excited. Our tour itinerary is still a work in progress so we invite you to follow (or help) us plan our up and coming trip to one of world's greatest cities! First step, acquiring a Japan tourist visa. Find out how we go...
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DIY Singapore Day 2: Shopping and Walking Tour

Singapore is a hodgepodge of culture—a melting pot of Chinese, Malays, Indians, Arabs and Brits. To experience authentic Singapore, it’s a must to cover different bases of these ethnicities like the Chinatown, Arab Street, and Bugis (getting bumped from our original flight schedule made us skip the last one). Before the cultural walking tour, we made a side trip to Orchard R...
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Our DIY Singapore Trip with Folks

Planning a Singapore itinerary is easy given the size of the city to explore and the conveniences it has to offer. Trains are easily accessible, buses are on time, and cabs are almost everywhere. Also, apps for tablets and smartphone such as maps, transit schedules, food and shopping guides make hassle-free DIY tours possible.   Since it was Mccoy and my parents’...
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