My Birthing Story

Baby Out2
To hear about other people’s birthing story is expected when you’re expecting. Typically, mothers would recount how they endured labor pains, how they delivered their baby, and how they were postpartum. When I was pregnant, I heard countless of birthing stories from my friends and relatives, and although no two stories are the same, each of them is special and beautiful in ...
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18 Weeks and Counting

Mccoy and I are beyond blessed to have gone this far. We're having a healthy and happy pregnancy—no pain, no bleeding, both of us are emotionally positive and most importantly, the baby is growing accordingly. The baby is now the size of a bell pepper, around 5 inches long as per my trusted reference, BabyCenter App. Last time we checked, the baby’s heart was beating at 156 per...
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DIY Singapore Day 3: Fauna and Flora

Since we didn’t have the luxury of time to see all four wildlife reserves, we decided to go for Singapore Zoo and River Safari and ditch Jurong Bird Park and Night Safari mainly because of three reasons: 1.) white tiger, 2.) polar bear, and 3.) panda! Yes, we’re that shallow. Haha! Though these four attractions are far from city centre, getting there was a breeze. Located at...
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Tokyo Countdown!

Every traveller has a dream destination and ours is without a doubt, Tokyo. We are less than a month away from this vacation so we are really getting super excited. Our tour itinerary is still a work in progress so we invite you to follow (or help) us plan our up and coming trip to one of world's greatest cities! First step, acquiring a Japan tourist visa. Find out how we go...
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Our DIY Singapore Trip with Folks

Planning a Singapore itinerary is easy given the size of the city to explore and the conveniences it has to offer. Trains are easily accessible, buses are on time, and cabs are almost everywhere. Also, apps for tablets and smartphone such as maps, transit schedules, food and shopping guides make hassle-free DIY tours possible.   Since it was Mccoy and my parents’...
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