Exploring Hong Kong Like Locals

As unconventional as it is, the lodging that we got from Airbnb was unlike a hotel where you’d wake up, go down for breakfast, and when you go back to your room, it’s all made for you and your set of toiletries is replenished. Here, no morning paper waited at our doorstep, no one made our beds or vacuumed the floor for us. We did our own grocery, made breakfast in the kitchen, ...
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Going Mainstream in Hong Kong

While I wanted us to sleep, eat, and walk like locals and steer clear of tourist traps as much as we could, it would’ve been a shame to skip The Peak and Disneyland especially for first-timers like us. The Peak is a must for every tourist. Aside from the spectacular view from up there, it’s a place that says a lot about Hong Kong. As for Disneyland, well, you just can’t go wron...
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Discovering Hong Kong, Two Ways: Mainstream and Off-the-beaten Paths

Ever since Mccoy and I started travelling as a couple in 2010, we’ve always thought what great stuff it would be if we could do out-of-the-country trips once in a while. After three years, a few road trips and some domestic flights, we finally had a chance to go on international trips together, the first of which is Hong Kong. We thought because it’s short-haul, easy to explore...
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Trip to Hong Kong: The DIY Challenge

With no intention whatsoever to rely on services of a travel agency or getting a tour package, Mccoy, my parents, and I booked our flights and with little over a month prior to our departure, we began creating our itinerary. We thought it was that simple. Little did we know, prep stage would be a bit of a challenge. First of all, getting a hotel in a land-scarce nation like ...
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