Touchdown Tokyo!

Like many of our travels, a lot happened on Day 1. Aside from doing the first tour in Tokyo which was super easy as it was arranged, it was the travelling and arriving part that beat us the most--left our home to get to the airport at 2:30, boarded the plane at 5am, then nearly 4 hours after the plane left the grounds of Manila, Mccoy and I, together with my folks, arrived in T...
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Tokyo Trip Day 0: A Summary of Places to See and Things to Do

Time is ticking and in exactly a week, we’ll fly off to the world’s most advance metropolis. With only 6 days, a few thousand bucks in our pockets, and a hundred things to see and do in Tokyo, planning an itinerary is much harder than we thought. So the OC in me stood up and took the initiative of making plans while humming the tune of Britney’s “Oops I did it again”. You se...
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Tokyo Countdown!

Every traveller has a dream destination and ours is without a doubt, Tokyo. We are less than a month away from this vacation so we are really getting super excited. Our tour itinerary is still a work in progress so we invite you to follow (or help) us plan our up and coming trip to one of world's greatest cities! First step, acquiring a Japan tourist visa. Find out how we go...
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