One Big Miracle

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Not everything in this world is definite. We may have the freedom to live our lives the way we want it, plan our future, plot our agenda for the day, set goals and stuff, yet uncertainties are inevitable. And when an unfortunate thing happens and there’s no clear way of escaping it, we can only do one thing: pray. But, let me ask you a question–do you believe in the power of prayers?

Even before I got pregnant, I already knew my pregnancy would be different from the rest due to my kidney condition. I read it in blogs, support groups, forums and most importantly, my Nephrologist and Perinatologist themselves have made clear that this isn’t going to be an easy one for all of us. My Nephro has to see me every month to monitor that I’m not spilling too much protein and that creatinine level is normal, and every day I check my blood pressure to make sure it’s not soaring. Like other preggies who see their OB in a monthly basis, I too have to go to my Perinatologist that frequent, but since mine is a different case, there are additional meds and screening for me besides the usual stuff. In other words, I am high risk.

I’ve been taking low dose aspirin since my 15th week and I’ve been ordered to undergo preeclampsia screening two months ago. Apparently, expectants with a kidney condition are prone to having preeclampsia. The test wasn’t like any regular lab works that you can do anytime where results are out in a matter of hours. Doing it was different. We had to set an appointment because only one hospital does this and only 3 doctors are certified to conduct it. Also, it was already pricey to begin with so we still had to wait for 6 more patients to split the cost with before they could analyze the blood samples.

Yes, I have been forewarned. But to be honest, I never thought it was going to be like this.

“This is a serious matter,” my Nephro always tells us. I remember in my first checkup after we found out that we are pregnant, he even told McCoy that he has one request, “Pwede bang isa lang?” (Can you just have one kid?). My Perinatologist is as serious too. “Preeclampsia manifests as early as 20 weeks… My colleague delivered a 26-week old baby. Same condition as yours… Let’s hope you won’t have it, especially not early preec… If the results show you’re at risk for early preec, we’ll have to give the baby steroids to strengthen the lungs.”

Our hearts were crushed. We didn’t expect we’d only have as little as one shot to build a family, to build our future. We prayed hard when we were trying to get pregnant and He answered our prayers, and now, we couldn’t do anything but to turn to Him once again. Deep in my heart I know that He will hear us again this time, even if what we’ve been asking for is one big miracle.

We waited for the results for almost two months and oddly, I wasn’t feeling nervous the day we were about to get it. Not because I was confident that He will provide, but because I know Mc and I have lifted up everything to Him and that we were going to accept whatever it is that He has planned for us.

Down’s syndrome, result: Low, 1:32214

Edward’s syndrome, result: Low, 1:100000

Patau’s syndrome, result: Low, 1:100000

Early preeclampsia, result: LOW RISK

Late preeclampsia, result: LOW RISK

… And then there were tears. I couldn’t help it. I haven’t won the lottery but to me, this is way better than hitting the jackpot. I never felt so blessed in my life. I don’t know what I did, why I deserve it, or how it happened, but what I know for sure is that it wouldn’t have been like that if it wasn’t for Him.

So let me ask you again: Do you believe in the power of prayers? I do.


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