18 Weeks and Counting

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Mccoy and I are beyond blessed to have gone this far. We’re having a healthy and happy pregnancy—no pain, no bleeding, both of us are emotionally positive and most importantly, the baby is growing accordingly. The baby is now the size of a bell pepper, around 5 inches long as per my trusted reference, BabyCenter App. Last time we checked, the baby’s heart was beating at 156 per minute. Ahh… It’s music to our ears.

I remember our first ultrasound, which made me nervous more than excited by the way, the sonologist (who also happened to be our perinatologist) didn’t have a hard time searching for the baby in my uterus. When the probe went in, our baby immediately and without hesitation said hello (well there were no words but the baby did wave. Want proof? Watch the video below).


The baby giving us a high five for overcoming first tri challenges. ❤️ @__mcbreezy

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It was also the first time we saw the heart flickering. It was a wonderful moment. There weren’t any tears of joy but as I laid my eyes on it, I knew Mc felt the same way –suddenly, our fear of having a false pregnancy turned into relief, joy and gratitude.

But it’s not all positive…

See, I have a kidney condition making my pregnancy high risk. I found out about it in 2007 and there’s no cure to it but it’s manageable through diet and healthy lifestyle which is a good thing. Before we planned on having a baby, we sought medical advice from my Nephro, who ordered some tests for baseline, and instructed us to stop all medications a month prior to trying. When we learned that we’re pregnant, he referred us to a perinatologist who will take care of me and the baby for the next 8 months. Since there’s a risk of developing preeclampsia, I am currently taking low dose aspirin every day as a preventive measure. Also, on week 13, I got tested for preeclampsia (as of this writing, we still haven’t seen the results yet). It’s not all positive, but we keep praying for a clean bill of health.

So let’s skip negativity and focus on happy things because it’s honeymoon stage for the three of us right now.

Although there were rough times during the first trimester, I believe I am slowly picking up now.  While I used to be feeling drained all day and puking almost every night because of reasons only my hormones can explain, the past few days were different. I began to feel better on my 14th week. There were episodes of toilet-hugging but at least it wasn’t a nightly show.  To date, I have tried malling for hours, done long walks, travelled and went back to cooking. I can finish half a dozen donuts, most importantly, fruits and veggies are my friends now. Also, I plan on getting my feet back on the mat soon.

I wonder where I can take prenatal yoga classes?


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