Discovering Hong Kong, Two Ways: Mainstream and Off-the-beaten Paths

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Ever since Mccoy and I started travelling as a couple in 2010, we’ve always thought what great stuff it would be if we could do out-of-the-country trips once in a while. After three years, a few road trips and some domestic flights, we finally had a chance to go on international trips together, the first of which is Hong Kong. We thought because it’s short-haul, easy to explore, relatively small, and we have no problem with Chinese food for a week, Hong Kong would be a good starting point. When my parents learned about this, they wanted to join too. Mccoy and I were both happy about them joining us. At least if we ever get lost, there will be four of us. LoL! So I booked us our flights and searched for a place to stay and when it was time to create our itinerary, I took the initiative of doing it.

I had two reasons why I volunteered. 1.) I knew nobody would do it. 2.) I was pretty intrigued by how we’d go about touring a foreign country with no pre-arranged package, no tour guide, not even a hotel front desk to ask for help. I thought it would be a different kind of adventure and AirBnB, being our accommodation of choice, would give us an opportunity to experience real Hong Kong living. True enough, it did and in the heart of Mongkok, where the apartment sits, was just the right place to start off.

Here are some pictures of our humble yet lovely abode:

Living/Dining area (folding table and chairs not seen in the pic). Every room in the apartment is spotless! (Photo grabbed from Airbnb)
One of the bedrooms. So tidy and pretty. (Photo grabbed from Airbnb)
Our humble kitchen. This is where we made all our breakfast. (Photo grabbed from Airbnb)

Here’s how we toured Hong Kong:

  1. Going Mainstream in Hong Kong
  2. Exploring Hong Kong Like Locals

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