Our DIY Singapore Trip with Folks

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Planning a Singapore itinerary is easy given the size of the city to explore and the conveniences it has to offer. Trains are easily accessible, buses are on time, and cabs are almost everywhere. Also, apps for tablets and smartphone such as maps, transit schedules, food and shopping guides make hassle-free DIY tours possible.

at NAIA Terminal 3, waiting for CEB to transfer us to Terminal 2


Since it was Mccoy and my parents’ first time in Singapore, I was meticulous in selecting stuff to see and do in this vacation.  The goal is to let them get a taste of real Singapore in a span of 5 days. To make it happen, I took them to select attractions I think we will all appreciate, all while exploring Singapore like locals—eating street food, dining at hawkers or taking the bus and train during rush hour, and the likes.

Day 0 : Prep

Aside from getting plane tickets, we also made sure accommodations were arranged and tickets to attractions that are sold online were purchased in advanced. We needed fund for this early on but on the plus side, it saved us time and effort since we didn’t have to queue up for passes anymore—all we had to do was pay, print, and show up on schedule! I really love how efficient online shopping is!

Tickets we availed via the Internet:

  • Universal Studios Singapore
  • Gardens by the Bay
  • Singapore Zoo
  • River Safari

ATM’s in Singapore are easy to find. But since for us, time is money (especially on a trip as little as five days), we always make sure to drop by a foreign exchange center in our home country prior to our trip. We also brought our credit cards and international debit/ATM cards just in case we run low on cash.

Day 1: Hello, Singapura!

We got bumped from CEB and were transferred to PAL–at CEB’s expense of course, they also provided meals and free international round trip tickets (we thought it was a pretty good deal so we accepted it). So our supposed 1pm flight was moved to 3pm.


We arrived at Changi Aiport a little past 7, and while waiting for our baggage, I went online (I don’t know why because I really didn’t have to but yeah, it’s good to know they have free WiFi at the airport so yay!) After we claimed our baggage and passed through immigration, we went straight to where the cabs were neatly lined up.


Mr. Cabbie, an Indian who converses well in English, was technically our first tour guide in SG. He told us about how the country is advancing in trade, commerce, and technology. On the way, he showed us terminals 3, 4 and 5–still under construction. It only goes to show what a busy and vital hub Singapore is.

The initial plan of arriving early enough to explore Gardens by the Bay and dine at Makansutra Gluttons was officially ruined so upon arrival at the hotel (Venue Hotel Lily) at around 8pm, we headed straight to Dunman Food Centre, a hawker hall that’s just a stone’s throw away from our place.


It’s cheap, taste isn’t top notch but relatively acceptable. We were tired and plans didn’t work out so we can’t be too picky anymore!


To be continued

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  1. May Carl says:

    My mom Bella adventure trip there at the River Safari Singapore last 2013

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