Tokyo Countdown!

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Every traveller has a dream destination and ours is without a doubt, Tokyo. We are less than a month away from this vacation so we are really getting super excited. Our tour itinerary is still a work in progress so we invite you to follow (or help) us plan our up and coming trip to one of world’s greatest cities!

First step, acquiring a Japan tourist visa. Find out how we got ours!

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Applying for a Japan Tourist Visa

For tourists holding a Philippine passport, secure a visa first before coming to Japan. Their embassy here in Manila only accepts applications processed through accredited agencies. We applied through Discovery Tour—they have the cheapest rate of only 800 bucks! We’re such cheapskates! LoL!

So here are the things that we submitted:

  1. Valid Philippine passport
  2. Accomplished application form with 4.5cmx4.5cm photo pasted on it
  3. ITR (we gave them photocopies only)
  4. Bank balance certificate (original)
  5. NSO birth certificate (original)
  6. Schedule of stay (tour itinerary)

Supporting documents that we attached:

  1. Plane tickets (with return)
  2. Employee certificate (indicating my connection to the company–position and date hired) and leave approval
  3. Affidavit of support (Mc needed to provide this since he submitted their family business’ financial docs, and not his own)
Pardon the edit. Mccoy’s better off looking like a coin here than show his real visa photo. Hehe!


Quick and painless, we were notified in less than a week. A max of 15 days is what they usually allow for single entry and prior to our application, Mc and I were teasing each other saying that even if it’s just 7 days, we’d be so happy. So imagine our delight when we saw that we were granted multiple-entry that’s valid for 5 years! It’s really more that what we prayed for. Lucky cheapskates!

A few friends asked us for tips, because of course, they also want to get approved. We honestly don’t have any idea what the Embassy would look for from these proofs so as for tips, we can’t give any except share what we have done. Maybe the required papers are enough and sending whatever supporting docs might help also. Mccoy and I were pretty straightforward in submitting ours. My employee certificate did not mention my monthly salary and he didn’t even bother including his 2 previous passports that have stamps of his previous travels and a US multiple-entry visa valid for 10 years. The one he submitted was a new passport—clean, crisp, not a single stamp whatsoever. So, yeah, maybe we just got lucky.

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