Tokyo Trip Day 0: A Summary of Places to See and Things to Do

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Time is ticking and in exactly a week, we’ll fly off to the world’s most advance metropolis. With only 6 days, a few thousand bucks in our pockets, and a hundred things to see and do in Tokyo, planning an itinerary is much harder than we thought. So the OC in me stood up and took the initiative of making plans while humming the tune of Britney’s “Oops I did it again”.

You see, Tokyo is a place where tradition and innovation intertwine. With lush greens amid skyscrapers, and preserved shrines a few meters away from bustling train stations and crowded malls, it’s inevitable to get torn between two opposite but equally worthwhile destinations.

Tokyo on a budget (and a little luxe on the side)

So first things first, I listed and sorted Tokyo’s iconic spots into categories. Then we picked out our bets, set aside the rest and here’s what we get:

  • Observatories: Tokyo Skytree Tower, and if time permits, Tokyo Tower (in as much as we love free stuff, we crossed out Tokyo Metropolitan Gov’t Building from our list).
  • Places of worship: Meiji Shrine, Asakusa Temple and Sensoji Temple
  • Gardens: Yoyogi Park and Shinjuku Gyoen
  • Museums: History Garage and Ramen Museum in Yokohama (Edo-Tokyo Museum was our first choice and Mori was next but learned that both are closed for renovation)
  • Shopping: Shibuya, Shinjuku and Akihabara (Ginza, Daikanyama and Aoyama are too upscale for us. Also, 8 floors of Uniqlo? That’s just too much! Haha!)
  • Food: Ramen/Kitchen Street at Tokyo Station, Hibiki at Odaiba (we’re doing this for the view and because my dad’s former Japanese coworkers invited us to lunch there), Uobei Genki Sushi (unmanned restaurants serving JPY105 a pair of sushi), Ichiran Ramen in Roppongi, Depachika (Department Store Basement), and breakfast at Tsukiji.
  • Sightseeing: Shibuya Scramble, Imperial Palace, Rainbow Bridge, Statue of Liberty, and Gundam at Diver City
  • Others: Superautobacs, Spoon Sports, Type-one, and Fuji TV (I swear I will not leave this building until I see my Halu! Lol!)
  • Side trips: Love Hotel Hill, Spain Slope, and Kappanbashi Street (maybe I can grab a bento box and a Global bread knife from here)
  • Optional: If a clear day opens up, we’ll head south to see Fuji-san and ditch Yokohama altogether

I know we left out a lot and Tokyo has more to offer—Disneyland, Harajuku, Ueno, Shinkansen, Sumida River Cruise, and if only I had lotsa moolah, I would buy us passes to The Seven Stars or maybe splurge on dinner and get everyone a seat at Jiro’s! Throw all this remaining stuff in and it would be an ultimate Tokyo experience for us! However, given our limited time and resources, I think the list we came up with isn’t too bad after all.

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