Our Little Gender Reveal Party

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It wasn’t until my 28th week that we learned about our baby’s gender and nothing can be more exciting at that time than knowing what we will be having. Initially, we wanted to have a gender-reveal-and-baby-shower-in-one, but we can’t help but make it two different events instead because McCoy and I wanted to know the baby’s gender already and we can’t wait until we’re ready for a baby shower (that’s between 7 and 8 months and we can’t wait that long!). So we decided we will have our little gender reveal party the same weekend we had our ultrasound. We made it a family-only event and thought we could just have another gathering with our closest friends on our baby shower.

Because McCoy and I wanted it to be a surprise and learn about it at the same time with the rest of our family, we asked the sonologist to write the gender down on a piece of paper and gave her an envelope to seal it into. Then we went to meet Myla who baked our cake and handed her the envelope.

gender reveal cake 1
So here’s our gender reveal cake. We wanted it simple and single tier and Myla did a pretty good job delivering what we specified.

Filled with excitement, our family gathered together for lunch (those in IL were also there. Thanks to Facetime). To make it even more interesting, we asked everyone to wear the color of their bet—pink if it’s a girl, blue if it’s a boy. Whoever wears the winning color has a chance to take home a prize through a raffle.

it's a BOY!!!!!!!! #mcbeechronicles

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It’s a boy! Everyone cheered upon seeing the inside of the cake. I can see joy in everyone’s eyes and it was priceless.

gender reveal cake 2

Jem, my brother won the raffle. He was also the one who bought the prize. Well, at least Mc and I paid for it. Lol.


I don’t know a lot of bakers here in Manila who do gender reveal cakes. I only knew about Myla through my sister who found her through Instagram, so this our first time to try her. Will probably post a separate blog entry for the review soon.

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